A Brief History

The hills north of Cardiff are a great area for mountain biking. We have several woodland areas all easily accessible via the Taff Trail and various other trails running east to west along the ridgeline.

Over the years, the trail network has slowly formed and many of us have been lucky enough to ride these awesome trails for more than 15 years.

worn trail

Over the last few years, the popularity of the trails has grown massively. Ebikes have increased accessibility and distance covered, plus the pandemic forced us to stay local to ride. The huge increase in local trail use has taken its toll and many trails are in need of TLC.


Some trails get the trail fairy treatment. Other worn trails force new line choices in an attempt to restore the fun. The impact on the environment is unsustainable.

Many routes are shared with other trail users or terminate on shared trails and with increased traffic, stories of conflict are more common.

group meeting

Paving the Way

As the responsibility of the landowners has evolved, many similar trail associations have sprung up across the country e.g. Ride Sheffield in England and Trail Collective in North Wales and Aberdeenshire Trail Association in Scotland to name but a few. Some have been around for over ten years.

All have been very successful in building relationships with the landowners and making a huge positive impact.

A Positive Impact

In 2022, the North Cardiff Trails team formed and we share the same goals:

  • Protect our current rights of way
  • Improve the existing trails for all
  • Have a positive impact on the environment
  • Improve understanding and respect amongst other trail users

Click the links to find out more about our plan, the team and the trails.