Our Plan

Short Term

  • Raise awareness of landowners and our responsibility as users of the trails.
  • Take the first steps in improving our environmental impact.
  • Provide a point of contact and support for local riders (reporting maintenance needs / hazards / conflict / improvements etc.).​
  • Build our network of supporters
  • Formally establish our organisation
  • Improve our trail maintenance skills

Medium Term

  • A trail network formally recognised by the landowner
  • Invest in existing trail maintenance (tools, signage, materials etc.)
  • Arrange social events (rides / dig days / planting days / litter picks / pub)
  • Promote mountain biking to new users
  • Partnering with local business
  • #NorthCardiffTrails & #TidyTrails merch

Long Term

  • Secured rights of way and awesome trails
  • Regular events
  • Another local world champion?