The Woodlands

There are 9 woodlands in North Cardiff, which have varying levels of protected status. As mountain bikers, it’s important that we are mindful when riding and maintaining trails in these woods.

The interactive map below highlights each woodland, and you can select each area to find out more about it.

115.6 hectares of internationally important broadleaved woodland, the most westerly natural Beech woodland in Europe. Full of Ash, Birch, Wych Elm, Hazel and Hornbeam these woods are far more than only Beech trees. This is an ancient landscape that is designated because the woodlands and the best examples of their type in Europe, Wales and Glamorgan.  At night Badgers, Owls and Lesser Horseshoe Bats come to life, feasting on the rich insect and mammal populations of these large woodland blocks.

Near Castell Coch the endangered Yellow Birds-Nest grows under the two hundred year old Beech trees. The coniferous woodlands of Fforest Fawr, Tyn-y-Coed and Coed-y-Gedrys are home to the red and black Crossbill (known for making a racket). Silver-Washed Fritillaries are often seen along the forest roads in Fforest Fawr.

Check out our Woodlands Conservation page and the Cardiff North Woodlands Project page for more information.

Coed-y-GedrysNatural Resources Wales / Welsh Government
Tyn-y-Coed NorthNatural Resources Wales / Welsh Government
Tyn-y-coed SouthNatural Resources Wales / Welsh Government
Garth WoodsBreedon GroupSAC
Fforest FawrNatural Resources Wales / Welsh Government
Fforest GanolCardiff CouncilSAC
Y-wenalltCardiff CouncilSSSI
Castell CochCADW / Welsh GovernmentSAC
Coed-y-Bedw/Wildlife Trust of South and West WalesSSSI
Mynydd-y-GarthCreigau and Pentyrch Community Council
Coed-Rhiwr-CeiliogNatural Resources Wales / Welsh Government