Autumn Update

We’ve had some brilliantly productive days as some of the team took part in courses run by the Association of Trail Builders. This is the same training that volunteers from the Tweed Valley, Forest of Dean and Afan Trails have taken on and puts us in a good position to formalise inspection and maintenance of the trails across North Cardiff.
In addition to the training, it was a brilliant opportunity to connect and start some very interesting conversations with members of NRW, The Wildlife Trust, and Cardiff Council, who also took part in the trail inspection course.

In addition to the course, some of you may have noticed we’ve added a Woodlands Page with interactive map. The interactive map has links to each of the woodland areas where we plan to outline:

  • Woodland access points e.g. NCN / bridleways / car parks
  • Who the landowners are
  • The environmental protection status of the woodland
  • What you might find there (protected species, trees, wildlife, trails)
  • Any significant issues (e.g. erosion) or planned works (e.g. felling, fencing, trail inspection / maintenance etc.)